A large scale marijuana growing operation busted inside old Tennessee church.

Deputies in Stewart County, Tennessee along with the TBI and Judicial Drug Task Force raided a former church where a professional grow and processing marijuana operation was discovered.

Authorities sought a search warrant for the old church after neighbors complained of the strong smell of marijuana coming from the property, and the church also had a $3,000 electricity bill each month along with using an exorbitant amount of water.

It's estimated that there was around two to three thousand marijuana plants in pots thriving under grow lights where Specialists had to be called in to safely remove fertilizers and other chemicals used in the grow operation.

There was also a processing room located where the marijuana could dry and prepared for sale.

At the time of the bust only one suspect was located and arrested which the Sheriff's office believes there could be more arrest to come out of this large scale bust that was producing pounds of pot.

There was no cash or weapons discovered at the scene only the marijuana that will be held as evidence until it is destroyed.