Official Press Release:
November 29, 2023

Around 14:12 PM this date units were dispatched for a grain bin entrapment incident. Report came in as one patient entrapped inside a grain bin on Henryville Road on Henryville. Emergency crews from Henryville Fire, Ethridge Fire, Lawrenceburg Fire, Director 1, Ethridge PD, EMA, E911 Director, Lawrence County EMS, Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, Air Evac and LUS responded to the scene. This operation was a rescue situation with one male patient entrapped.

Crews quickly performed all lock out tag out procedures and implemented all safety measures with air quality and life safety restraint devices for the rescue team and the patient. Access was made to the patient located toward the middle of the bin 90% entrapped in the corn. Crews then performed medical assistance to the patient and deployed the turtle tube around him to help stabilize and secure. Corn was then removed from around the patient by crews and “The Great Wall” was deployed for greater stabilization. After the patient was secured and the corn was removed from the inside of the rescue tubes, LUS used a vacuum truck to help remove corn from the bin so the patient could be removed through the access door of the bin. The patient was checked by Lawrence County EMS and released.
Great teamwork and great training played a very vital role in today’s rescue.
Nathan Keeton
Ethridge Fire Chief