Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lawrenceburg Health Fair Featured in New Healthcare Documentary

The Heallthy Tennessee health fair held at Mars Hill Baptist Church in Lawrenceburg last October is featured in a new documentary “Healthcare Unmasked,” now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The film’s crew was at the health fair to interview participants and spotlight the work of Heallthy Tennessee and the effect the event had on the community. “Healthcare Unmasked” features Dr. Manny Sethi, founder of Healthy Tennessee.

Other local residents who appear in the film are State Representative Barry Doss; Bob Davis Jr., president of RJD Group in Nashville; medical student Eric Johnson; Mary Martin, a nursing instructor at Martin Methodist College; Lipscomb University pharmacy student Brett Stephenson; and Lawrenceburg resident Paul Hogan.

“Healthcare Unmasked” sheds light on the health insurance and healthcare industries and offers cost-saving solutions. Kim Sertich, a small business owner from Phoenix, Ariz., produced the film after years of canceled health insurance plans and skyrocketing premiums.

With no changes from policy makers or industry insiders on the horizon, she set out to find her own solutions, a journey that included a meeting at the White House with President Trump which is where she met Dr. Sethi.

The film explains why insurance and healthcare costs are so high, but more importantly what people can do to find more affordable solutions, including direct primary care practices, cash-pay surgery centers and health sharing ministries.

The film also covers the importance of preventative care to help bring healthcare costs down. “Millions of people have been priced out of health insurance and had to make the decision to go without it,” Sertich said. “And, millions of people who can afford it, opted out as the premiums continued to spike and the coverage got worse.

“I am excited to get this movie out there for those people who are looking for real solutions, for the people who have been brainwashed into believing private health insurance and five-minute visits with doctors is the only way to go,” she added.

“This is a good news story about doctors who are abandoning the traditional models so they can give patients the care they deserve, about price transparency and about helping each other as a community.”


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