Abigail's Plan held a " Burn The Mortgage" Note ceremony on Tuesday.


On Tuesday Abigail's Plan board members were all called to the field where Dave Ramsey said, "We are debt free", and because of god along with the community they get to burn the note.

Ramsey explained how $500,000 was raised to build Abigail's Facility where it now has been valued at $1.1 million.

Overcome with emotions Ramsey stated how this all was possible because of god working through the community where pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, Dollars were donated, and how they could have never imagined selling t-shirts little long selling 14,000 t- shirts.

Abigail's Plan is now wanting to insure they have the funds to maintain the facility as well as build handicap accessible playgrounds in North, Middle, and South areas of Lawrence County.

Abigail's Plan concluded the exciting news by saying, "Congratulations to all of you on this great accomplishment, and all the Glory to God.
What a glorious night. With the tremendous outpouring of support from so many through God's graciousness, we burned the note for the remaining debt. Thank you for your help in making this night a reality."

Photo Credit: Abigail's Plan.



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