Loretto Police Department

On February 8, 2021 our department was notified that there was a suspicious person
hanging around some hay bales at the intersection of Old Glendale Road and Old Jackson Highway. Upon arrival contact was made with Jason David Wilburn on Old Jackson Highway just north of Busby Road. While speaking with Jason he stated he had lost his phone in the area of Old Jackson Hwy and Old Glendale Road, but he had found it and was heading back to his mother’s house on Main Street in Loretto. Our officer then left the subject and was heading south on N Main when it was decided to check him for warrants.

The Sheriff’s Department advised there were three arrest warrants for Mr. Wilburn. . Mr. Wilburn was then located at 814 N Military Street. When our officer tried to make contact again with Mr. Wilburn, he walked behind the residence at 814 N. Military. Our officer walked around the other side and ask Mr. Wilburn to stop and talk.

He stated that he was not going to stop and took off running toward Irvin Street. Our officer noticed a black handgun in his right hand as he was running. Dispatch was then notified that our officer had a subject on foot armed with a handgun running from him. Mr. Wilburn circled back around behind 817 Irvin street and across N. Military Street toward Lawson Storage units. That is where Deputy Hannon located Mr. Wilburn and begin running after him. Deputy Hannon was able to stop Mr. Wilburn at 105 McGee Lane out in the yard.

After Mr. Wilburn was taken into custody, the gun was located under the building next to where he was stopped by Deputy Hannon. Mr. Wilburn was then transported to Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and booked without incident on the three activate warrants. Mr. Wilburn was also charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, evading arrest, resisting arrest and simple possession of marijuana. The gun Mr. Wilburn had was found to be stolen from the north end of Lawrence County.