Police officers investigate assault incident involving knife, baseball bat

Local police officers opened an investigation into an assault incident Wednesday that involved a knife and a baseball bat. According to reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department, officers answered a call to 324 Thomas Street at around 11:30 p.m., arriving to find a man lying on the front lawn with a five inch cut across his abdomen.

He told officers that he had become involved in an argument with his brother-in-law that escalated to a fist fight. He said during the fight his brother-in-law cut him with something, possibly a knife.

He said that he fell to the ground and his brother-in-law left. When officers were able to make contact with the brother-in-law, he reported that the victim had struck him in the head a few times with a baseball bat.

He said that is when they engaged in the fist fight. He said he remembered “going for his knife, but he didn’t remember actually stabbing” the victim.He said he then left, and as he did so, the victim got up and busted the rear window out of his vehicle. The officer noted in the report that the brother-in-law had, in fact, sustained head injuries.

He had a swollen eye and a gash on his head. The officer also noted that the rear window had been busted out of his car. At the time reports were filed no charges had been placed due to the fact that the officer was unable to determine a primary aggressor. The case was turned over for further investigation through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division




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