Baby found in unfit home; father and pregnant mother arrested

The parents of a Lawrenceburg baby, found to be residing in deplorable conditions, were arrested last week. According to reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department, the arrests were made after officers, along with employees of the Department of Children’s Services, conducted a welfare check regarding possible drug use at a home on Gallaher Boulevard. They found that a family of three, including a nine month old boy, were living inside the home.

When officers checked the home they found numerous items lying about that posed a danger to the baby, including screws, hand tools, pesticides, molded food, and large amounts of dog food. Clothes were piled up in the utility room and garbage was piled on both the back porch and back yard. They said the home was so cluttered it made it hard to walk and was dangerous. Also, they said the clutter prevented the baby from crawling around.

The baby’s mother, Jodie Marie Brown, age 36, said that the clutter was due to her husband bringing people in and out of the home so much. She said he had gone to work that day and was walking back from Nashville. The father, Billy Joe Miller, 37, met with officers later at DCS offices. He told them that he and his wife, who is six months pregnant, were trying to quit using methamphetamine, but that he had used the substance the previous day.

Also, he said he had used marijuana that morning when he was on his way to work. Both were given drug tests and reports show that they both tested positive for meth. Brown and Miller were placed under arrest.

At the Lawrence County Jail they were charged with childabuse, simple possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Miller was also charged with fugitive from justice charges when they found that he was wanted in Blount County, Alabama. Miller’s bond was set at $10,000 and Brown’s was set at $12,000. They are scheduled to answer the charges in General Sessions Court on November 2.




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