Online loan scam results in considerable loss for Lawrenceburg man

A scam involving online loans resulted in a considerable loss for a Lawrenceburg man last week. According to reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department, the victim, age 66, stopped by the department to report the matter.

He indicated that he had been contacted Tuesday by a man who identified himself as “Jack Woods.” Woods claimed to represent a loan institution and urged him to apply for a $10,000 line of credit.

Woods instructed the victim to “verify” his bank account by allowing them to deposit $970.15. Once the transaction was complete, he told the victim to go to Kroger and purchase $975 worth of Google Play cards. He was further instructed to call Woods and give him the information from the cards.

The victim did as instructed, but became suspicious when he learned that an additional $200 had been deposited into his account the following day. Following that deposit he was instructed to purchase $200 worth of Google Play cards and, again, provide Woods with the information from the cards.

By the time the victim spoke with bank officials the next day he learned that deposits for $998.32 and $996.45 had been made in his account. He also learned that he had a $2,650 deficit. The matter is being investigated through both the police department and the victim’s banking institution.




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