Lawrenceburg residents report more vehicle burglaries

Police officers have investigated several more vehicle burglaries reported by Lawrenceburg residents during the weekend. Three burglaries were investigated by officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department on Sunday. Two of the incidents occurred on Douglas Drive and the third on Hummingbird Lane.

In two incidents, victims reported finding the doors of their vehicles ajar and the doors to their glove boxes and consoles standing open. A wallet was stolen out of one of the vehicles and a Garmin GPS device out of the other.

In a third incident the resident was able to provide security video showing the man breaking into his 2003 Ford Ranger. The man rummaged through the vehicle but left without taking anything.

He was a slender man wearing a jacket with a hood and shorts. Anyone who has information regarding any of the crimes should contact the police department at 931-762-2276.



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