Tuesday, September 18, 2018

One new change in traffic flow at this year’s Middle TN District Fair

Lawrenceburg Now

Lawrenceburg Police Chief Terry Beecham has announced that, in addition to the changes in parking and traffic flow in the vicinity of the Middle Tennessee District Fair that motorists have observed for the past couple of years, only one new change has been made for this year’s event.

This year’s fair event will take place September 24-30. In order to ensure that fair-goers have the most enjoyable time possible officials have been working to regulate parking and traffic flow to eliminate hazards to motorists and pedestrians.
The same changes made in the past two years will apply this year. They are:

*No curbside parking on either side of Hicks Street and Remke Avenue from North Military Avenue to the Hannon Drive intersection. This will be a tow-away zone.

*No curbside parking along Jackson Street between North Military Avenue and Mahr Avenue. This will be a tow away zone. Beginning at around 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. daily and going until admission is stopped for the day, traffic flow will be reduced to one-way traffic, traveling east to west only.

*At around 4:30 to 5:00 p.m., the southbound lane will be closed on Mahr Avenue between Morrow Drive and Jackson Street. Those traveling northbound on Mahr will be forced to turn left onto Jackson. The street will be blocked on Mahr Avenue at Morrow Drive to southbound traffic, which will be re-routed onto Remke Avenue and Hicks Street.

The only change that has been made since last year is that parking will no longer be allowed on either side of the section of Jackson Street that lies between Mahr and Liberty Avenues. Beecham said that this will be designated a tow-away zone.
Fairgoers are encouraged to take advantage of the ample parking area located on the north side of the Old Armory. To avoid traffic jams, Beecham suggests that you approach the area by way of Helton Drive, Remke Avenue, and Morrow Drive.


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