Week 11“Charisma: Your Personal

Magnetism.”Charisma vs. Character…What’s the dierence? It’s been said that we can truly tell the CHARISMA of an individual in a crowd. In essence, to +nd out if someone has that “magnetic” quality there has to be someone around to listen or respond to the CHARISMA of that individual.

Character needs no crowd to be revealed.Character is one of those fundamental qualities of Leadership. It’s who we are when no one else is around.

It’s how we respond to adversity even when it is not the popular response. This is what leaders do.But charisma is also found in leaders. Some who use their power and authority for good, and history con+rms that charisma has also attracted individuals to follow a path of evil and destruction.Charisma is what we might call having a “magnetic personality.”It’s attracting others to believe in a cause or vision or decision.It’s also a fundamental quality named by Napoleon Hill in A Year of Growing Rich.

It is most certainly a desirable trait when it comes to BIG SUCCESS. One of my teachers says it like this, “To ATTRACT OTHERS you must become an ATTRACTIVE PERSON.” Not so much cosmetically or in appearance (though that can be an advantage) as in an ATTRACTIVE ATTITUDE or what an ancient script calls your COUNTENANCE.

Using your PERSONAL MAGNETISM can generate emotionalresponses in others. Feelings of joy, or con+dence, or enthusiasm or love…And those who learn to BECOME ATTRACTIVE with this personal magnetism often become leaders.

Personal magnetism is revealed through what I call POWERFUL COMMUNICATION in my book BECOMING UNCOMMON. It can be seen in the powerful speakers of our time and throughout history. John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, are some of the great orators who rose to the oice of President of the United States. Many have held that oice we might place in a dierentcategory when it comes to addressing the masses in a powerfulmanner or being known as a great communicator.Billy Graham is another powerful speaker

who gained great favor for his cause through his powerful communication and his charisma, but also for his character revealed over time. He makes no secret of his “cause” and the bene+ts to those who believe…as well as the tougher message of consequences for those who refuse to accept his invitation.

The eyes, the voice, gestures and mannerisms, and a simple phrase or sound-bite are all scrutinized today through the innumerable media outlets and the instant replay of messages or mistakes made by our leaders. “You can put this same power to work for you if youlearn to exude self-condence, a spiritual strength, andauthority.

Make a conscious eort to meet the gaze ofothers more directly, to clasp their hands rmly andwarmly, to speak in pleasant, forthright tones withvolume pitched and timbre gauged to capture theinterest of your listeners.”—Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing RichWhat if you could instruct and inspire as true leaders do with their words and deeds?

By coaching and encouraging someone to accomplish something incredible? And doing something incredible yourself in the process

“You may not be a powerful speaker, but by your actions or encouragement or accomplishments you may inspire others to give more than they ever have. To do more than they’ve ever done, or ever thought was possible to do.”—From my book, Becoming Uncommon People need encouragement, always have. And we need leaders we can believe in who inspire us and give us the con+dence to believe in ourselves and in causes bigger than ourselves. Turn on YOUR PERSONAL MAGNETISM and see what it can do for you…and for those around you.“Charisma is Your Personal Magnetism.”