Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Man struck by vehicle while riding bicycle reports theft

Lawrenceburg Now

Lawrenceburg Police officers recently spoke with a local man who reported he had been hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle and his belongings were stolen.

The victim, a 59 year old resident of Tipton Street, reported to officers that he had been riding his bike near his home when some kind of vehicle hit him from behind.

The collision caused him to be thrown over the handlebars and he landed on his face on the pavement. Once he came to his senses, he noticed that his prescription medicine and his binoculars were missing. He said that he had the prescription filled only days before.

The victim had scrapes around one eye, and the officer reported that he had suffered severe swelling. He offered to have the Emergency Medical Service dispatched to check his injuries, but he said he did not want them to come.

The police officer gave the man a cold pack for his eye and told him that if his condition became worse, he should call an ambulance.




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