Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Customer makes angry threats to utilities employee

Lawrenceburg Now

A customer reportedly made threats against a Lawrenceburg Utility Systems employee on Monday after become angry about her electric bill.

The employee, age 22, spoke with Lawrenceburg Police Officers Monday morning, reporting that the customer became irate after she told her she would have to pay $2.18 to keep her electricity from being turned off. She said the woman began cussing and told her she wanted to come kill her.

The customer allegedly told her that she “better be glad they have bulletproof glass because they should be shot.”

The officer spoke to the customer, who denied having used foul language or making threats to kill anyone. She told the officer that she was angry and said that she did make a comment about them being glad they have bulletproof glass.

The officer reports that the woman seemed sincerely sorry for the incident. She said that she would call a supervisor at the facility to apologize for her behavior.




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