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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Resident Rams Child Molester’s Vehicle, Detains Until Police Arrive

   A Lawrenceburg man was arrested Tuesday after a resident caught him in the act of molesting a young girl, then rammed his vehicle and detained him until police officers arrived on the scene.

   Robert Steven Bumpas, Jr., 36, of 405 Oak Street, was arrested on criminal charges that include solicitation of a minor to observe sexual conduct, aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment.

   Reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department show that officers were dispatched to an alley that runs behind Sixth Street at approximately 8:30 a.m. to the scene of a possible fight. When they arrived, officers noted that it appeared there had been automobile crash, as well.

   A fifty-three-year-old resident who resides on Sixth Street told officers he had noticed a white van pull into the alleyway behind his house. He said that he looked through the fence and saw a young girl in the van with her legs in the air, being molested by Bumpas. He told officers that Bumpas then began to masturbate.

   The resident stated that he got into his SUV and drove into the alley. He asked a man working on Third Avenue to help him intervene, as well as a neighbor who was outside smoking.

He told officers that when he blocked Bumpas’ vehicle he began to back up at a high rate of speed. He said that he was afraid Bumpas would get away therefore he opted to ram his vehicle.

   The resident reported that Bumpas exited the van and was attempting to pull up his pants. He said that he grabbed Bumpas and that Bumpas then pulled out a razor blade pocket knife.

The resident was able to take the knife away, then he and the other witnesses held Bumpas down on the front of his van until police officers arrived on the scene. Officers note that the knife was lying on the ground in front of the van with the blade open.

   Reports show that after his arrest, as an officer placed Bumpas into a patrol car, he asked the officer to button his pants. The officer reports that when he asked Bumpas why his pants were unbuttoned he replied, “Because of what they are saying about me and my (relative).”

   Officers note that the girl, who is Bumpas’ (relative), was crying and upset. An ambulance was summoned to the scene. Lawrence County Ambulance Service Emergency Medical Technicians provided care for the youngster. She was later transported to a safe location by the Department of Children’s Services, where she was to undergo a forensic interview.

   In addition to the criminal charges Bumpas was cited on several traffic-related violations. He is scheduled to answer the charges against him in Lawrence County General Sessions Court on May 4, 2012.

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