STUDIO: When it snows, these men show up.

STUDIO: David Crockett Elementary Valentine's

STUDIO: Photos from St. Joe

STUDIO: Snow photos sent to us by you.

STUDIO: Scenes from the Lawrenceburg Christmas Parade

Halloween Photos

Studio:The Cross Roads Coffee House is born.

Studio: Vaughn Festival Friday night before the show.

Studio: LibertyFest 2008

Studio: The 1175th return home.

Studio: Accident On Weekly Creek Road

Studio: Child Advocacy Centers Week Of The Early Child

Studio: April 11, Tornado Damage Photos

Studio: Day after Tornado damage photos

Studio: Liberty Hill Tornado damage

Map: Tornado Path Photos

Studio: Red Cross fundraiser after tornado

Studio: Do Dah Days Dog Show

Studio: Medical Billing Solutions vs Ethridge Child Care



Mother and baby at the hospital. Her story.

Bertolini cuts the ribbon for business in Lawrence County.

Soccer practice for 3 and 4 year olds

Some back roads are covered with snow drifts several feet deep

As the heavier snow began at 1:00am Sunday morning

Fire on Deller Street in Lawrenceburg

Wind damage in Lawrenceburg on Hwy 43

3 car accident on Hwy 64 West of Lawrenceburg

Countryside Administrator Rod Fulmer

Thursday evening brought traffic to a crawl

Lighting of the Lawrenceburg Christmas Tree

Mayor Durham talks about the Christmas tree

Main Street Director Jayne Shaw on the decorations on the downtown square.

Jane Wildes a Main Street design committee member on future plans downtown

Shoppers came early to pick up bargains at Sears in Lawrenceburg during Black Friday.

Suspicious activity by a patron in the parking lot lead law enforcement officials to seize all the components needed to manufacture the drug methamphetamine.

The changing fall colors were caught on video.

Voting at several polling stations during the Presidential election.

A kitchen fire was reported Wednesday afternoon at the apartment complex on Waterloo Street. No serious damage was reported nor injuries.

Congressman Lincoln Davis makes an appearance on the square in Lawrenceburg to announce the inclusion of Lewis and Lawrence Counties into ARC.

Shoppers flooded the highway between Hohenwald and Summertown over the weekend for yard sales galore.

Channel 4 WSMV Lisa Spencer broadcasting from the WLX Country Cafe during the Surviving The Storm Program.

WLX radio's Ben Luna on TV with Dan Thomas at 10pm.

The car winner at the fair 2008

Friday night Truck and Tractor pull at the fair.

Rodeo action Wednesday night at the Middle Tennessee District Fair.

Demolition Derby Monday night.

Two Fair young ladies we ran into at the Middle Tennessee District fair.

A two car accident on Mahr Avenue Tuesday, September 23 around 8:15am.

The Trail of Tears Memorial Ride Video

From the scene within an hour of the crash. Officials did not allow the press near the crash site at that time.

Eyewitness Joan Bishop

The Skillet Toss at The Tractor show.

Jonathan Burnett of Gandy Fire Department discusses proposed budget cuts to fire department.

Paul Rosson talks about proposed budget cuts to fire department

Crossroads of Dixie Antique Tractor and Engine Show 2008

Relay For Life at Rotary Park 2008

Accident backs up traffic on Crawfish Valley Road

New LCHS Principal Michael Adkins on the new school year.

Denise Bellavance talks about the Cross Roads Coffee House.

Inside the Cross Roads Coffee House.

BrushCreek Farms fireworks

Crockett Cinemas Summer Kid Series runs through the summer. Joe Rhoton talked to us during one showing.

Country artist James Otto performs in Lawrenceburg

Rotary Park Pool readies for the summer.

Setting memorial crosses at City Hall

1175th returns home to Lawrenceburg's square.

North side of tornado 05/08/08

Alejandro Reyes tornado video.

Tornado Video before edit.

Tornado Video edited.

Struck by tornado, Charles Cole.

Child Advocacy Center Balloon release.

Vicki Maddox, Supervisor of Instruction talked to Lawrenceburg Now about school illness.

Dr. Bill Heath on school illness.

West Gaines accident involving two trucks.

Mahr Avenue water tank springs a leak.

Gas prices rising, Teresa Vanderford talked to us.

Heavy rainfall caused creeks and streams to rise.

March snowfall.

Hood road fire a few hours after extinguished blaze.

Administrator of Elections June Davis talks about early voting in the Presidential Caucus on election day.

Lottery drawing for liquor liscense.

Lawrenceburg Mayor Keith Durham after the liquor license drawing .

Lawrence County Executive Paul Rosson shows how work is progressing on the new annex.

2007 Middle Tennessee District Fair sights and sounds.

2007 Middle Tennessee District Fair car winner.

Scene from the Truck Pull at Middle Tennessee District Fair 2007.

Fire Chief Don Kelley issues a thanks.

Crockett Days 2007.

Tomahawk demonstration at Crockett Park.

Fire inspector Shane Adams on arson case.

Junior Auxillary on the Lawrenceburg square.

Fred Thompson on Jay Leno.

Nashville television swarms Lawrenceburg Square.

Preparing for Fred Thompsons' return home the day before the rally.

Waiting for Fred Thompson to arrive at the rally.

Chief Deputy Terry Beecham on murder/suicide.

Crockett Elementary Nurse on first day of school 2007.

Ball players at the City Administration Building.

Prime Seating fire the day after.

Rotary Pool summer of 2007.

Fairest of the Fair winners 2007.

Tiny Miss Fairest of the Fair winners 2007.

Tiny Tot Fairest of the Fair winners 2007.

Antique Tractor show.

Accident left a car upside down on North Military.

Christmas in the Country 2007.

Scene from the Lawrenceburg Christmas Parade 2007.

Wal-Mart shoppers at 5am sales.

Weathers Charities fundraiser at Wal-mart.

Open house at new waste water treatment plant in Lawrenceburg.