Friday, August 10, 2018

Items stolen from safe while owner is on vacation

Lawrenceburg Now

Valuables were stolen out of a safe belonging to a Lawrenceburg resident while she was away on vacation last week.

Lawrenceburg Police Department reports show that the victim had returned from a trip to Mexico to discover that someone had gained entry to her apartment, opened her safe, and stolen all the contents without causing suspicion.

The fifty-one year old victim told police officers that she had made the discovery, noticing that a screw on the face of her safe appeared to be stripped, “as though it had been removed and replaced.”

Otherwise, she might not have noticed that anything was amiss.

The victim reported that there had been no sign of illegal entry to her home and that the door of the safe was intact and secured. She estimated that the items stolen from inside the safe had a combined value of $4,400.

The case currently remains under investigation through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division




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